Home to Britain’s strongest coastal defence with both Dover Castle and Deal Castle, this stretch of coast is opulent in history.

Dating back to Roman times, Dover Castle dominates the coastline sitting proudly above the 20 miles of cliff face. The white cliffs of Dover are world famous in history and literature and as a welcoming gateway to England from the continent. The cliffs were also home to the secret tunnels of the Second World War where operation Dynamo was born and executed.

The port bustles with the English Channel sea ferry traffic but walking above the chaos along the high cliff top, provides an opportunity to take in the lovely landscape, with views that extend for miles.


Deal is located 8 miles North of Dover and just 25 miles west of France. Deal Castle’s Tudor Rose inspired bastions adds a touch of unusual to the small fishing port, whilst it’s smuggling past provides a quirky history. Even, James Cook landed in Deal on return from his first voyage to Australia in 1771.

Deals seafront has hosted 3 piers, the first built of wood in 1838, replaced by an iron structure in 1864 and promoted to a pleasure pier. The most recent concrete pier was opened in 1957. Extending 311m in length the pier is a grade 2 listed building and a popular local hub, not to mention it’s spectacular views on the Deal coastline.

Along with all these assets, Deal owns charming buildings, small streets and a long shingle beach and has rightly won the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Britain’s Best Coastal Town 2014’